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Technical Services

Conversion of conventional steel reinforcement 
to welded mesh reinforcement

1. Drawings

Approved good for construction drawings are required by mail or you can drop it in our Technical Department at our office at La tour Koenig.

The drawing should be in either AutoCAD or pdf. Format if sent in soft copy or you can drop a hard copy of the drawing at our office. 

2. Conversion of drawings

Once your drawings have been received by our Technical Department, we will proceed with the conversion of the steel reinforcement from conventional tying method to prefabricated welded mesh reinforcement.

After the conversion of the steel reinforcement has been performed, you will be provided with a Bar and Bending Schedule(BBS) together with a placement that should be checked and approved either by you or your consulting engineer.

The BBS will be sent to you either by mail, post or dropped in hand to you by our sales executives or you can yourself come to our office and pick it up. 


We may provide you alternatives to your steel reinforcement in welded form that may not be the same as per your drawings.

Those BBS shall be checked and approved by you or by your consulting engineer.

After approval of BBS a Quotation and Order Confirmation(QOC) will be sent to you by the means mentioned previously.

The manufacture of the products will start as soon as a 30% down payment has been performed on the QOC.


The BBS will be in this format.


Cut and Bent 

Step 1

For Cut and Bent steel, you send us your BBS and we convert it in our BBS format.

Step 2

This BBS format will be sent to you for checking and approval.

Step 3

After having checked and approved the BBS, a QOC will be sent to you.

Step 4

The manufacture of the products will start after the 30% down payment, same as previously mentioned.

Step 5


Technical Assistance

Step 1

Our technical assistants will come to your site or office for any explanation required regarding our Prefabricated Welded Mesh.

Step 2

After having received your products, a technical assistant will come to your site to help with the supervision of the placement of the products.

Step 3

You will be provided with a placement drawing that will help you localize where to place each and every element of the steel reinforcement.


Placement Drawing

Placement Drawing

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