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Company Profile

Incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius since 1998, M&S is a dynamic and innovative trading company offering a comprehensive & constructive range of value added metal products to a broad spectrum of end-users, including civil, building, railway, environmental and electrical engineering industries in Mauritius and the Region.
Mesh and Steel

The Company product range covers above 20 multiple products categories consisting mainly of hot rolled deformed reinforced steel (8mm-40mm to BS 4449/2005 Grade B500B), fusion bonded epoxy coated (FBE) reinforced steel (8mm-40mm to BS4449/2005 Grade B500B), cut & bent steel (8mm-40mm to BS 8666, BS 4466), welded mesh (A98, A142, A252, A393) to MS 35/2015 standard equivalent to BS 4483/2005, prefabricated mining mesh, prefabricated steel elements (6mm-12mm to MS 34/2015 equivalent to BS 4482), hot rolled structural steel merchant bars & sections (IPE, IPN, UPN, HEB, HEA, HEM, IPEA to S275JR equivalent to EN 10025), hot rolled steel plates thickness range of 6,00 to 200,00mm and width of 1,000-3,600mm, EN 13674-1 application on 50E6 (49,39 kg/m) R260 Vignole Railway Rails and EN 14811 application on Tram Rails grade R260 Railway applications, hot-dip galvanized round circular type poles and polygonal type poles to DIN EN 1461/2009, SSAW steel pipes to EN 10219-1, Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Casing and Tubing, Pre-Stressed Concrete Strands to ASTM A416/2002 and BS 5896/1980, wire mesh/perforated cable trays, galvanised square fencing mesh, galvanised chain link fencing mesh, pvc coated chain link fencing mesh, panel fencing system (highest international standards), armature (housing), geotextile (woven and non-woven PP), geobags (woven and non-woven PP), geogrids (PET/PP), geomembranes (HDPE), geosynthetics clay liners (Bentofix), gabions (woven type or welded mesh type), guardrails, lighting poles, luminaires and other value-added steel products.

Exclusive distributorship agreements with market leaders in TURKEY, CHINA, GERMANY, CZECH REPUBLIC, FRANCE, GREECE, HUNGARY & UAE are held by M&S.

Our Mission

M&S mission is one of continued drive to be more focused on Customer Service. The strategies for accomplishing its objectives as “Preferred Supplier” role encompass elements such as:

- Long Term Partnership with Customers
- Total Customer Support (24/7)
- Technology and Innovation
- Tailor Made, Cost Effective Solutions
- Highest Quality achievable with current technology
- Reliability and value beyond customer expectation
- JIT product delivery
- Market Diversification
- Professionalism

With manufacturing facilities spread over 50,000 m2 using best technologies from Continental Europe and adhering strictly to international BS standards, M&S is ideally positioned to service the Mauritian market and also has the ability to service Africa & rest of the Indian Ocean. Extensive internal audit controls ensure strict compliance to quality and meeting tight schedules. Efficient material storage facilities with dedicated professional team ensure on-time delivery fulfillment through the island.

Our Vision


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